How Do I make a Purchase

Buying clothes on Bow Afrika is just like buying clothes on any other online store, except it is a lot more familiar. Simply click on the product(s) that you want to buy, then click “add o cart” and either “continue to shop” or “make payment”. Once you are ready to make a payment for the products you selected, you will fill in the required information on the payment page as well as select your preferred payment method. Once you are done filling in those details, click “confirm” and you will receive in due time a response regarding the order you made.

How Do I know My Payment Has Been Paid to Bow Afrika

Not only do we use the most trusted and secure payment gateways in the industry, we also offer you the option of making a payment either by making a direct bank deposit (at an FNB branch or ATM); or by making a traditional online payment. For your convenience however, we do encourage you to make use of our payment gateways, as this allows for your purchase to be processed more quickly and makes it easier to shop next time.

Are My Details Safe From The Public

No, we do not disclose your information to third parties. Your information securely stored and is only used for the purposes of processing your order(s) and deliveries.

Do You Need To create An Account To Make A Purchase

No, you do not need to have an account to make a purchase. However, having an account makes it easy for you to make purchases as you will not need to enter your information every time you want to buy something, because your information will already be stored.


What do your sizes range from ?

Our sizes are from size 30-50 , these being in inches  , however if you are over size 50 , the dress cannot be directly ordered but instead will be made and that will take 2 weeks to come make

Do you take other people’s design?

We only make our designs those being the ones on the website or advertised on Facebook.

Do you make white wedding dresses ?

No we do not make white wedding gowns

Do you make urgent Orders ?

No we only make those that take 2 weeks to come out production , unless it is ready made then it will be sent in 5 days .